• How to sync the time to PC or iMac?

    Turn off and connect the camera to your PC or iMac via the USB cable, it will go into U-disc mode. Open the Micro SD card, create a RTF file in it, and rename it to “Time.TXT”. The suffix of the file is TXT.

    Open the TXT file, type in the time as following format and then save the file:

    [Year/Month/Date]<A space is required>[Hour:Minute:Second]

    For example,

    2016/06/01 12:00:00

    Then, disconnect the camera from your iMac, turn it on, the camera will automatically sync the time.
  • How to review the video? (For non-Wi-Fi devices)

    1, Turn off the camera first;

    2, Connect the camera to your PC via USB cable. A removable disk will appear. Open it to view what you have recorded.
  • How to reset the device?

    Just press the Reset button for 5s until indicator lights turn off, and then wait 15s before the next use.
  • How to connect a device to another smartphone?

    After connecting the camera to Wi-Fi, you can connect it to your another smart device and view real-time video remotely. Here come the steps:

    àDownload the App.

    àOpen the App, and choose “Add An Online Device” in the “WHICH PRODUCT YOU ARE SETTING UP” page.

    àType in the camera’s UID and tap “OK” to connect it.

    àCongratulations. Now, enjoy this device.
  • Why does it not connect to Wi-Fi after I try many times?

    Before connect it to your Wi-Fi, please help us check some items.

    1, If there is no battery in the device, the device can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

    2, Please make sure your Wi-Fi is in 2.4G mode and enabled DHCP. Our Wi-Fi devices only support 2.4G network now. If you need some help, please contact the router technical support.

    3, Please make sure you have connect your smartphone to the device via hotspot (UID, which shows on the device).

    4, If this is not those cases, you need to reset the camera. Just press the Reset button for 5s until indicator lights turn off, and then wait 15s for it to create the hotspot.

    Please try them, and if you have any other question about this device, please contact us at any time.
  • How to use the Wi-Fi camera in short time?

    To set it up quickly, you need to go through the following process:

    àCharge the device and turn on it.

    àDownload the App

    àConnect your smartphone to the device via hotspot (named the camera’s UID pasted on the camera) the device creates

    àConnect the device to Wi-Fi through the App

    àCongratulations. Enjoy this device.

    Details please refer to the user manual