• DJI drones gain geo-fencing safety feature opt-out

    Author: yugoo   Date: Jul 07, 2016   Hots: 502

    The app update allows users to override some of its drones' no-fly zone restrictions The bestselling drone-maker has updated its app to let owners bypass a feature that stops its aircraft flying into or taking off in sensitive locations. DJI introduced geo-fencing in 2013 - a technology that uses GPS location signals to stop its machines flying close to airports, professional sports events and other restricted zones. The opt-out allows operators to disable the ban in many, but not all, cases. The Chinese firm says it will keep a record of those who use the feature. It...

  • BMW and Intel plan robot car production

    Author: yugoo   Date: Jul 07, 2016   Hots: 719

    BMW said the autonomous driving systems would be applied to a future electric car BMW, Intel and computer vision firm Mobileye have signed a deal to develop autonomous vehicles. The three firms will collaborate on the systems needed to make cars that can navigate without any help from a human driver. The vehicles will be capable of driving safely along major roads as well as in suburban and inner city areas. BMW said it hoped the collaboration would mean it could put robot cars into production by 2021. The research partnership was announced on the day when&nbs...

  • Facebook gives friends higher priority in News Feeds

    Author: yugoo   Date: Mar 21, 2016   Hots: 532

    Broadcasters will find it more difficult to attract Facebook users to posts that are not widely shared Facebook is to give posts by users' friends and family greater prominence in their News Feeds. The social network said its members had expressed concerns that they were missing "important updates" from the people they cared about. The move reverses a trend towards giving more space to content posted by the news media and brands. One expert said it highlighted that newspapers and broadcasters' interests did not always match those of the firm. Facebook...