Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Blue

Keep an eye on your home

Tech Specs:

1. This Beenwoon hidden camera alarm clock is designed very compact. When you put it in your home or office, it can secretly record what is going on around you.
2. This mini camera alarm clock can record video at 1080p HD, take photos or record sound. It does ensure you to clearly review what was going on through PC. It is very useful to monitor what you want.
3. This surveillance camera alarm clock can been set into motion detection mode when you are away your home or office. It can save energy and capture video when detect the movement.
4. Easy to use. A remote controller makes it simple to operate. Just press the buttons on the remote controller. When charging, you just connect it to PC or adapter. When connect to PC, it is not just charging but also can be used as a webcam.

This Beenwoon hidden camera alarm clock is not just a common alarm clock, it is a mini camera.
It can be used to wake people up. It also can be a surveillance camera to record the actions of others.

HD Video Recording
It provides 1080p high resolution for you to record what you want.
When you use it to record a meeting, you can clearly see what others were doing. The clear picture looks more comfortable to you.

Motion Activated Recording Video
If you don’t want to record still picture, you can set it into motion detection mode.
It will start capture video only when there is something moving in front of the camera.
It helps you to watch if someone entered in your office without informing you. It also can save energy and makes full use of storage space.

Audio recording
If something happens to the camera, it can’t normally record video. You can only record sound. It is important to you to collect the evidence in secret.

When connect to PC, it is not just charging but also can be used as a webcam.
You can freely move it around the PC and place it where it is convenient for you to video chat.

In order that you can better use, before the first use please full of electricity
Its image quality will be better under the environment where the light is enough.